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"Startling the player is not the same as making the player feel dread." Alchemic co-founder and Vatra design director Brian Gomez was at GDC Europe in Cologne, Germany to present Silent Hill: Past, Present, and Future, a comprehensive survey of the seminal survival horror franchise and the wider horror game genre. Gamespot was in the audience and put together an in-depth review of Brian's presentation. Follow the link to read more!

"It's never gonna be a clear, bright day in Silent Hill." Alchemic's Brian Gomez sits with Electronic Gaming Monthly's David Wolinsky to chat about the weather and all things Silent Hill Downpour in EGM's February 2011 issue, on news stands now!

Alchemic co-founder and creative director Brian Gomez gave Game Informer a macabre tour of Brno, Czech Republic, home to Silent Hill Downpour developer Vatra. In the article, Brian explains how the dark history, architecture, and folklore of the Southern Moravian region has influenced and inspired his design team, and what it's like for an American game developer to work in the Czech Republic.

  03-04-2008 has the exclusive scoop on Larry Niven's Free Fall, the upcoming sci-fi epic from legendary author Larry Niven and Alchemic Productions: "Science fiction author Larry Niven, perhaps best known for his award-winning Ringworld series, has been creating worlds for readers to explore since the mid 1960's. Now, with the help of transmedia production company Alchemic Productions, he's creating a world for gamers to play in."

German gaming site Mega Gaming interviews Alchemic's Brian Gomez on what it was like working with horror master Clive Barker: "I’ve been a fan of Clive’s work since I was way too young to be reading his books. When we met, we discovered that we really enjoyed working together and brainstorming new ideas, so I left my job and founded Alchemic Productions with two other colleagues specifically so we could help Clive develop his idea for “Jericho”.

“Alchemic Productions, a sort of one-stop project coordinator, facilitated the early connecti ons between Clive Barker and Codemasters, pipelining with developer Mercury Steam to create a theme, a world, and a strong narrative.”
- PLAY Magazine, June 2007

Hardcore gaming site FiringSquad interviews Alchemic's Brian Gomez on the origins of Clive Barker's Jericho: "When Clive and Alchemic first discussed this idea, we knew that we wanted to work together on it, but we didn’t want to just sell the idea outright. We wanted to spend time and develop it ourselves, flesh out the story and characters, create the world and mythology, before attaching a publisher or developer."

“The creative team of Clive Barker and Brian Gomez (from Alchemic Productions, an intellectual property and story firm) are basically Jericho’s birth parents; they collaborated on the mythology and concepts of the Jericho universe...”
- Electronic Gaming Monthly, March 2007

Alchemic's Brian Gomez joins a round-table of the industry's top writers, including Orson Scott Card and Marc Laidlaw, to discuss the challenges of writing for video games in the February 2007 issue of Games for Windows magazine. "A good story is a complex organism, and arbitrarily removing a single element can have repercussions across the entire thing. Cutting a key scene or character might seem like it's solving a producer's immediate problem, but more often than not, the story suffers or it causes other problems elsewhere that no one but the writer could have predicted."
- Games For Windows, Issue #3, Feb. 2007

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